Key definitions

Administrator – the owner of the website, i.e. Eurohost Maciej Heród, registry number 6666/2005; NIP (tax identification number) 6751211930.
User –  a private individual using the website
Terms of Use – the present regulations which constitute an agreement between the Administrator and the User
Website – the website
System – SerpMonster, i.e. the system for monitoring the ranking positions of websites in search engines, offering a number of additional functions and tools connected with ranking
Free Account – the account which is free of charge and enables the User to follow the statistics of maximum 1 domain for maximum 3 keywords/phrases. Free account does not offer a number of advanced functions and tools provided by the System, such as generating reports, exporting the data to files and others.
Paid Account (‘account for agencies’) – a paid business account, which enables the User to use all of the System functions and tools.
‘SerpMonster server’ option – the option in which monitoring the ranking statistics is conducted by the servers of the Administrator.
‘User’s own server’ option – the option in which monitoring the ranking statistics is conducted by the servers of the User, but  the obtained data is stored on the servers of the Administrator

I. General provisions

  1. To use the System the User is required to register in the website, which entails providing all the required data in the registration form and following all the registration procedures.
  2. The registration is free of charge and available to all adult private individuals and legal entities.
  3. Each user may register in the website only once, creating one account.
  4. The use of the System is free of charge if the User creates Free Account.
  5. The use of the System is paid if the User created Paid Account, the payment being made according to the price list generally available on the website in the ‘Prices’ section.
  6. Payments for the services offered by the System are made via bank transfer or the system of online payments - (according to the rules and regulations of, available on in the section ‘Terms of Use’).
  7. The Administrator issues VAT invoices on the services offered by the website for the User of the Paid Account on demand.
  8. By registering in the website the User agrees to be sent information from the Administrator by electronic means.


II. Limitation of warranty and liability

  1. The Administrator herby states that the System offers all the functions and tools described in the generally available part of the website. In case of notification about any inconsistency by the User of Paid Account, the Administrator is obliged to instantly eliminate the inconsistency.
  2. In the case of ‘User’s own server’ option the Administrator is not liable for any possible access block or other issues connected directly to the activity of the User’s own server.
  3. The Administrator is not liable for any damage or other difficulties with the use of the System if they depend on other entities.
  4. The Administrator is bound to regularly backup the data for the User of the Paid Account, and in case of a data loss the Administrator will pay compensation to the User of the Paid Account, the amount of compensation being equal to the last payment made to the Account, yet not exceeding 250 PLN pre-tax.
  5. The Administrator is not liable for any differences between the results of the website position monitoring process obtained via the System and analogical data obtained by other means, as the differences result from connections with different data centres of search engines.
  6. Any User who will not abide by the terms and conditions of the Terms of Use or who will take actions to the disadvantage of the System and/or the website, may be deactivated and their account removed, the data stored including, and will not be entitled to any compensation.
  7. Any User of the Free Account who will not log in for over 90 days will not be able to follow the ranking position of the domain they added (as the domain name and keywords it will be permanently removed). This limitation does not refer to Paid Account.
  8. The Administrator herby states that the data concerning the User and the domains monitored is confidential and will be used exclusively to provide the User with the services offered by the System.


III. Final provisions

  1. Every User of the System and/or the website accepts the present Terms of Use.
  2. The Administrator is entitled to introduce changes to the Terms of Use or the website and is not obliged to notify the User about the changes.
  3. If any provisions of the present Terms of Use should prove invalid or unfeasible for reasons not related to the Administrator, other provisions will remain in force and the Administrator and the User are bound to settle the issue and their mutual relation in a way most adequate to fulfil the objectives defined in this agreement by other feasible and legal means.
  4. The present Terms of Use are subject to the law of Poland, regardless of any discrepancy between the law of Poland and regulations applicable in the User’s country of residence.
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