Happy Easter!

Happy Easter

Monitor the position of all subdomains.

Do you want to monitor as a single domain all your subdomains?

Nothing simpler, just add your domain in the panel as "*.domain.com" and system for verifying the position takes into account all subdomains e.g. bbb.domain.com, aaa.domain.com.

If each of the subdomains you want to check separately, add them as separate domains, each with its own set of keywords.

SerpMonster for mobile devices

For people using the iPhone or iPad, we adjusted the display of our charts. Even if your mobile device does not support flash, you'll see our charts, thanks to SVG. Feel free to use anywhere SerpMonster wherever you are, your positions at your fingertips.

Backlink monitoring

We have provided the option to monitor the incoming links and  linking domains accordingly to MajesticSEO statistics. Monitor the Fresh Index (default) or if you prefer a more verbose Historical Index.

Backlink checking incredibly cheap - only $0.01 per check.
We look forward to comments and your impressions of the service.

Option “Always10”

You surely noticed that if you google for local keywords such as ‘hairdresser Krakow’ the first result page shows more than 10 results, often 12 or 15, which include standard organic results and sites integrated with Google Maps. For those of you who charge your customers for “the first result page” – 10 by default, we introduced the option “Always10”. If you mark this option in your domain settings, and the domain will appear on the first result page but it will come as 11th or lower, our system will count it out as 10th position anyway. This solution is a major convenience for these of you whose agreements with customers are based on ‘1 Google page’ settlement. “Always10” option is available for business account for web positioning agencies.

GoogleChecker Launch

The system was thoroughly tested and we decided it’s time to make it available to you : ) You’re welcome to use it and provide us with your feedback  - if you notice that something doesn’t function properly or the system lacks a useful function which you would consider beneficial to your work, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will take all your opinions and suggestions into consideration.

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