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An unlimited number of domains and keywords, reports generated automatically (prices including), the possibility of creating a subaccount for the end customer and many more options.
SerpMonster is designed to optimise and improve the application of SEO projects. Forget about manual rating checker.
Any major divergence of results is out of the question.
Every day means 24/7. You have access to the statistic at all times and from any place in the world.
This is what distinguishes us. From now on you can include into expenses the cost checking the rating of your website.
Position monitoring  

The basic function of SerpMonster is checking the website ranking of given domains in response to given keywords/phrases. The account owner has 24/7 access to the data stored as statistics, which enables them to monitor the change of their website’s ranking position and forecast further effects of its positioning strategies. The data is presented in the form of interactive charts, clear and easy to read. Additionally, the system follows Site in Google, Page Rank and MajesticSEO Backlinks. SerpMonster can also successfully check ranking positions for different language versions of Google –,, and more. Paid Account (‘account for agencies’) allows to check positions also in other search engines - Bing and Netsprint.

Position monitor





SerpMonster makes it possible to automatically generate reports for a given period of time – a month. You just need to define the domain, keywords and the file type you need to generate -  PDF or CSV. Each generated report may also include the statement of costs of the positioning of individual keywords and it may be automatically sent to the e-mail address of the end customer. This feature is of considerable convenience to web positioning agencies which have to provide their customers with monthly ranking reports. Report automation is a time-saving strategy which eliminates the risk of error.


Export to files  

All the charts presenting the domain ranking data can be exported to PNG or CSV files with one click. This function is especially useful for creation of presentations, comparisons and reports.


Export to files



Subaccount Creation


Access to subaccount is granted to the end client. The owner of the Paid Account can create any number of subaccounts by providing the access data and the name of the domain for which subaccounts are to be created. The access data, when provided to the end customer, enable them to log in and follow the ranking position of their domain themselves.


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